The Dragon's Daughter

“Of the twelve companions of Thorin, ten remained. Fili and Kili had fallen defending him with shield and body, for he was their mother’s elder brother.”

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Anonymous: happy birthday!!! :)

Thank you very much my dear anon! WHY ANON THOUGH I WANT FRIENDS 

kerriganholmes: Happy Birthday! and no, you're a kid until 40, so enjoy! wish you the best :D

Thank you so muuch dearie!
And yees, I plan to be a kid until the day I die on a Disney World attraction! ehehe x

It’s my 18th Birthday! I’m an adult??

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i am daenerys stormborn. your masters may have told you lies about me, or they may have told you nothing. it does not matter. i have nothing to say to them. i speak only to you. first, i went to astapor. those who were slaves in astapor, now stand behind me, f r e e. next i went to yunkai. those who were slaves in yunkai, now stand behind me, f r e e. now i have come to meereen. i am not your enemy. your enemy is beside you. your enemy steals and murders your children. your enemy has nothing for you but chains and suffering, and commands. i do not bring you commands.

                 i  b r i n g   y o u   a   c h o i c e.

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Hufflepuff Pride | Cedric Diggory

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